Week 5 – Previews

Commissioner’s Note: Game at Carter Park, 1450 W Sunrise Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311.
Green/Red – Turf
White/Blue – Grass


I Like Turtles vs Red Hot Cherry Poppers

Red is just like Hansel… the hottest team in the league right now; winning their last 2 games in a row. They face off against one of the most even keeled teams in I Like Turtles. The poppers will have to use their frenetic high flying style to try and force turns against a stingy green offense. There will be a bit of wind this weekend, 10-13 mph, which certainly plays into Green’s handler heavy roster. This game will also be played on the fast turf of Carter Park. Hopefully the poppers have ample arm and leg sleeves or they’ll be sporting some bad cases of road rash with their wanton layout style of play. This game should be a barn burner with both teams having heavily contrasting styles of play. In the end, I think the green team’s patience and grinding style of play will wear red down in the end.

Prediction: I Like Turtles 15, Red Hot Cherry Poppers 14

I Blue Myself vs Plain White D’s

Just like how the “cream rises to the top”. Plain White D’s have the target on their backs as the team to beat this season. It doesn’t matter if their whole team is there, or they’re missing the top half of their roster, they’ve just found ways to win. In trickle down talent economic theory, the standout defensive play of Garcia and the break artist ability of Andrea, the captains on this squad definitely sets the tone. Blue is coming into this game on a bit of a skid but looks to try and stem the bleeding this week. They’ve never been out in any game this season and could easily be 4-0 rather than 1-3. White undeniably has the fastest players in league even if you don’t count their cannons. Blue will have to throw the kitchen sink at them to slow them down.

Prediction: Plain White D’s 15, I Blue Myself 13

Week 4 – Recap

Red Hot Cherry Poppers 15, I Blue Myself 14

[Game Stats]

Red team was true to their name this week, coming out of the gate HOT, popping cherries left and right. They started with two quick breaks to put Blue on their heels. Blue answered, but weakly, allowing two more breaks before limping to half down 4-8. I Blue Myself’s offense was solid for the most part, but had trouble in the red zone. Red’s offense was also flowing well. It may have been spotty at times, but they capitalized when they had the opportunities. Matt Bristol did most of the heavy lifting for Red with an impressive 5 scores, 3 assists and 5 Ds. Blue, on the other hand, spread scores and assists fairly evenly across the board. Blue came out of half fired up, ready for a comeback. With Sam’s family present, team morale was soaring. They found their stride offensively with a few deep looks and Megan Bock coming down with some key jump balls. Red continued to play consistent offense, but a few forced turnovers and the wind gave Blue the opportunities they needed. Slowly but surely, break by break, they worked their way back just as time cap was coming on. Blue outscored Red 10-7 in the second half to bring it to universe point. Unfortunately for them, Red’s consistent offense ultimately prevailed with workhorse Matt Bristol coming down with his 5th and final score to take the game 15-14.

Written by: Giulian Jauregui

Plain White D’s 15, I Like Turtles 9

[Game Stats]

Stuff happened. Mischa showed up and is still very tall and still very good as his equally tall brother Peter seemed to have trouble containing him. Jeremy went boating instead. White won.

Week 4 – Previews

Commish Note: We will once again have cricket coming in after us. Games will have to start on time, I will literally be picking up cones regardless of the status of the games going on at noon sharp.

Red Hot Cherry Poppers vs I Blue Myself

Red looked great in their game against white. The big question will be how will they distribute the roles with the addition of Edwin, Bristol, Anish and others who were out last week, was it addition by subtraction? Blue also looks to rebound against a tough loss to I Like Turtles last week. Conditions look to be the same as last week with 10 mph winds, an annoyance but manageable. This game will come down to really one factor; leadership. Catie and Shaun will need to continue to reign in their team to play disciplined ultimate. Blue will need to figure out how to deal with the new parts and new scheme of this Red team; while Sanders was the lone addition, this team looks way different from the team they faced week 1. Red looked great last week, and I can’t imagine them taking a step backwards with re-adding weapons like Edwin, Anish and Bristol.

Prediction: Red Hot Cherry Poppers 15, I Blue Myself 13

I Like Turtles vs Plain White D’s

A rematch of what was possibly one of the most epic battles this season. The big questions marks will be, who will be at the game? Week 1 showcased white’s ability to win without the 6’7 wife carrying monster that is Mischa Freystaetter. With Rie on his shoulders, that total height increases to 10’3. Is that even coverable? Real talk, both these teams are scary good. Both these teams will likely be missing a player here or there. Both have the leadership at the helm to adjust, exploit, and attack. I can’t make a call so I decided my prediction via coin flip, giving it to green.

Prediction: I Like Turtles 15, Plain White D’s 14

Week 3 Recap!

Red Hot Cherry Poppers 15, Plain White D’s 7

[Game Stats]

Plain White D’s were essentially running on fumes, starting the game savage and receiving reinforcements as the day wore on. Red Hot Cherry Poppers have always been good about fielding a full squad, but this time they managed to get them all involved. The old Pompeii throwback handler line of Elfrink, Rocco and Sanders allowed Tony to move further downfield where he could do more damage. Sanders specifically brought a much needed steady hand to the backfield, allowing red to use their athletic cutters do what that do best. On defense, literally bodies were flying as Red generated numerous turns against a thin white squad. Garcia paved the way trying to get white back into the game generating turn after turn, but white missing the top half of their draft just kept coming up short and unable convert on break chances. Even if white was able to fill a full roster, red finally seemed to find the key to their team. Borrowing from computer science, they learned the value of separation of concerns. With a more rounded out roster, they can finally get the handlers handle, let the cutters cut, and all of them go apeshit on D. This is a much strategy rather than forcing their players to step up by playing out of position.

I Like Turtles 14, I Blue Myself 11

[Game Stats]

Finally the wind decided to take a break this week giving way to some great weather conditions for ultimate. Unfortunate for blue I Like Turtles shot out to an early lead with crispy team-centric play. Calm, cool and collected, Blue managed to stem the bleeding forcing a few breaks led by a great goal line foot block by Stacy Leatherman. Kinetic give and go play by Frank and Roosevelt helped blue to try and get their offense going through Green’s zone defense. Somehow blue managed to right the ship and draw the game even at 6-6. As quick as the comeback began, they started to sputter out of half as green retook the lead but alas in the end green played like a well oiled machine and looking at the stat sheet, got everyone involved and blew by I Blue Myself. Match goes to green.

Week 3 – Previews

Red Hot Cherry Poppers vs Plain White D’s aka the Battle of the Bands

While not a song by the Plain White T’s whites anthem has definitely been “All I Do is Win“. The Red Hot Cherry Poppers come in looking to change their tune and inflict some “Scar Tissue” on the undefeated white team. While their season so far has been categorized as a “Natural Disaster“, Red adds Mike Sanders to the mix hoping his experience and skills with the disc will allow Red to make more than “1, 2, 3, 4” consecutive passes. “By the Way” white is looking to be missing Connor, Looney, Misha and Mckelvey this weekend. White is still a plenty deep team with a “Can’t Stop” mentality, but this is literally red’s game to “Give It Away“. I “Hate” to say it but I’m giving Red the advantage this week in a close battle which should give “Pause” to every team in the league.

Prediction: Red Hot Cherry Poppers 15, Plain White D’s 14

I Blue Myself vs I Like Turtles

This should be another extremely close game. I Like Turtles thrives on making zero mistakes on the field. They are the most evenly balanced team in the league with an equal distribution of steady handlers, aggressive cutters, and lock down defenders (if you know they show up… ahem kobe). The only team looking to match that ying and yang is I Blue Myself. Blue will be hungry to redeem themselves always blowing a sizable lead to lose on universe against white last week. Both teams will lose important role players on their O and D lines this weekend but it still looks to be one hell of a game. I think green will have a tough time containing Pitts, and Blue’s dominant women cutters giving them the slight advantage in another great game where everyone down the roster will have to step up.

Prediction: I Blue Myself 15, I Like Turtles 14

Week 2 Recap!

Plain White D’s 12, I Blue Myself 11

[Game Stats]

Week two was a battle of weather and will. Blue’s goal was to come out swinging, and the frisbee gods smiled upon Iain and Jonnie as they threw caution and discs to the wind. Luckily Mischa was out carrying Rie, licking his wounds over recent Mario Cart losses. It also helped that Pitts showed up and made stud defenders McKelvey and Connor look like children losing their kites up a tree in the end zone. Blue’s women played like goddesses of consistency, forcing Gentry to go savage (possibly even through injury) until some friendless homeless woman who looked vaguely like Andrea showed up to play. Things were looking great for the Bluth Chickens, but the gods of wind and plastic be fickle. Blue hit a brick wall as White made some adjustments to their zone, forcing nearly twice the D’s of their opposition and taking half. And yes, Garcia, we know about your D, you got a bunch, shut up. Neither team was willing to back down in the second half, even Elijah when he broke something and kept playing. In the end, White was able to spread stats a little more evenly throughout their impressive rooster… er, roster* to take the game 12-11 at hard cap.

Written by: Sam Pietrzak

I Like Turtles 11, Red Hot Cherry Poppers 5

[Game Stats]

To start, I should note that the weather was less than ideal for ultimate with 25-30 mph winds gusting out of the ENE. Unfortunately for the handful of spectators (thanks for coming out Catie’s mom and boyfriend), these conditions reduced even the strongest throwers to inconsistent at best.  The line on Red this season has been, “a collection of strong defenders lacking any true handlers”, and today’s conditions would add an exclamation point to that characterization.  

As expected, Red began the game on defense and after a flurry of turnovers by both teams, found the end zone for their first break and only lead of the game 1-0.  Green would answer back, despite the play of Jeremy who had more throw-aways than blocks today (just another day at the office for this 1st round pick), with a score tying the game and then adding two breaks for a 3-1 lead. Green was energized by the return of 2017 Masters National’s veteran Joe Cutrono to the lineup. Cutrono silenced critics of his seven figure salary by consistently finding open spaces in the zone with pin point throws keeping Red off balance all game long.   Both teams traded points until Red answered with a break to narrow Green’s lead to 5-4. Green, led by workhorses Lari and Tim Struz, would run the table the rest of the way taking half 8-4.  With the solid handler play of Megan Reeves (this woman does not make mistakes), Charlie, and Eric, Green put on a good old fashioned “dump and swing” clinic using Red as the patient.  Only 20 minutes remained until cap as the second half started and Red was still trying to find its offensive footing.  Tim Elfrink (a/k/a Tim the Hammer) tried repeatedly to spark the offense to no avail – clearly, he is far more valuable to us with a pen in hand (buy your copy of Bloodsport today on Amazon!). Anish and Matt B took their respective turns at the controls, and neither could generate much more than a few completions before turning the disc back over to Green.  In the time capped second half, Green added 3 scores to Red’s 1 for a final of 11-5 and Green’s first W of the season.

Highlights for Red included some great catches by the “sure handed” Catie Linton, super cup defense from Rica and solid play on both O and D from Tony.  On the other side, Green saw some great catches by Misha and another solid all-around performance out of Jerimiah.  After the game, ESPN’s Evan Lepler noted, “Red must get Edwin some offensive help and should consider trading Anish and Matt for the KOD offensive machine Steve Kobrin”.

Written by: Adam Smith


Week 2 – Previews

Commissioner’s Note

Please arrive early as we will start on time, no excuses. Captains will be given the green light to assess points or have teams play without 7 on the line. We have cricket coming onto the fields at 12:30 so we MUST be done by noon. I will blow soft cap at 11:40, and hard cap at 11:55. It will be incredibly windy so expect some low scoring games, so please lets keep it moving. I will be at the fields at 9:20 to set up and distribute jerseys. So please show up on time. If you did not purchase a jersey, you will be required to wear a shirt in your team color. No more lights vs darks.

Plain White D’s vs I Blue Myself

#BringOnTheHuckus. On paper Plain White D’s are tall, fast, athletic, and have all the throws… What they don’t have… heart and jorts; specifically jorts. Real talk with Carlito, Z-Monet, and Andrea running point, and Misha, McKelvey, Connor, and Gentry downfield, that is a tough line up to beat. Ultimate is a team sport though, and I Blue Myself will look to go toe to toe with the early on favorites. Frank the Tank and Iain Forgey look to run point with the rest of Blue playing up their faceless army mentality, with a deep cache of players adept at cutting and/or handling to give White’s defense all they can handle. On the defensive front both teams are pretty evenly matched in terms of bigs and speedsters. It’s going to be a yuge battle of bigly proportions. With all things being equal the deciding factor is going to come down to cut off blue denim jorts. Advantage I Blue Myself.

Prediction: I Blue Myself 11, Plain White D’s 10

I Like Turtles vs Red Hot Cherry Poppers

Both teams look hungry and searching for their 1st win. The weather will look to be extremely windy (20-30 mph). While the Red Hot Cherry Popper’s trademark is generating turns, they will certainly have mother nature looking to help them out. I Like Turtles, however, will have an ample amount of possession based handlers adept at handling (pun intended) such conditions. I think this game will be closer than most believe but I will still give the advantage to green as I’ve yet to see anyone handle in the wind as well as Adam Smith.

Prediction: I Like Turtles 9, Red Hot Cherry Poppers 7

Week 1 Recap!

I Blue Myself 15, Red Hot Cherry Poppers 12

[Game Stats]

Red vs Blue started off the season trying to figure out how their rosters would mesh and what pieces worked where. Blue started strong with an early break as the team was gelling early. Red got their footing shortly after as teams were trading points until Blue took half 8-5. Red’s athleticism and effort really is unparalleled; generating turn after turn by getting horizontal. They punished Blue if they ever took their foot off the gas on an in cut. Red was just unable to find their footing with their touch passes especially near the endzone. For a team with this many athletes, they did not look to huck downwind, even with blue missing their 2 bigs in Pitts and Elijah. The first half was also riddled with drops and throwaways with the wind playing a factor more than anticipated. Red threw some zone and it was shredded by the likes of Frank, Iain, and Stacey. Blue decided to return the favor out of half with a zone of their own and it worked to perfection. Guilian and Roosevelt harassed handlers as Jonnie and Megan Wilke patrolled the throwing lanes. This strategy did not work for too long with late arrival of Tim Elfrink, who along with Tony and Shaun started finding the holes and working through the Blue defense. Both teams played with great spirit and it was a very good game despite the 15-12 outcome. Blue takes the early 1st place spot with a win and point differential but both teams were missing top players so look out for either of these teams as the season goes on. Also it should be noted that Frank is not Blue’s assist leader!

Written by: Jonnie Lancaster

Plain White D’s 15, I Like Turtles 14

[Game Stats]

Nothing like a super close game to start Broward League off with a bang. We learned two things from this game, never get too comfortable with any sort of lead and Tim Vo is clearly clairvoyant. He called the score of the game 15-14 advantage Plain White D’s. While it wasn’t exactly how he said it would be because Mischa, McKelvey and Jeremy weren’t there, so there were no shots fired (lame Jacksonville Cannons joke), the competition was still very strong. As far as chemistry goes it did seem as I Like Turtles was running like a well-oiled green machine. The father son tandem of Adam & Charlie were cool as cucumbers as always,Reeves was stellar. We all know Kumi is an all star and it showed, but Lari seemed like she was the fastest person on earth out there, making dime cuts and being the best deep threat they had. They were breaking their marks left and right, getting anything they wanted and it seriously felt like white could not stop them. While the D’s were making their own mistakes on offense and playing great white D, they could only do so much when they had a stagnant offense. This all lead to the Turtles going into half time with an 8-5 advantage, Kowabunga! At half time I’m sure the White team said something along the lines of Hey There Garcia what’s it like to be so shitty, as a captain of course. That seemed to pump them up if that was the case, as they fought point by point to get back into the game and get the breaks back. They stopped cutting each other off while making their deeps and unders. Nathan Cook was an unknown in this draft but man whoever passed on this guy didn’t know what they were missing, he got every under cut he wanted and moved the disc constantly for this team. Connor Smith was by far the Catalyst of this comeback with his solid play on offense and his phenomenal defense pumping up all of his teammates. With the awesome leadership and poise of Andrea, along with Sofie and Rie absolutely killing it and giving it their all on the field, white took the game on universe to win 15-14. Vo called it, it was exciting to watch and be a part of. Remember kids no matter how much you are down or up by, it’s not over til’ it’s over so try your asses off until then. Oh Zack “Z-Monet” Marks was there and he did things. Seriously does anyone know any other Plain White T’s songs?

Written by: Brandon Garcia

Week 1 – Previews

I Like Turtles vs Plain White D’s

Kicking off spring league Green takes on early favorite White in this week 1 match up! While a Freystaetter sibling rivalry sounds great on paper, it will likely be a Langdon vs Mischa match up and y’all better get your popcorn ready. Unlike in the fall, I Like Turtles gives Langdon a supporting cast of adept handers, expect to see many aerial battles between these two giants as the weather is supposed to be beautiful and relatively windless. Speed kills and Plain White D’s will have that in spades with speedsters McKelvey, Garcia, and Connor Smith who are almost uncoverable in open space. Green will look to be extremely solid with the disc with Adam Smith, Cutrono, Kumi and Gonot being more than capable handlers. We’re going to have to call the female match ups a dead tie as each team has their own counterpoint in the other Andrea/Kumi, Lari/Gentry, Reeves/Rie, etc… This will likely be one of the more exciting games this season but I’m going to give the slight advantage to team with Mischa as any team with Langdon runs the risk of him missing a game due to 4 wheeling, being hungover, or flying.

Prediction: Plain White D’s 15, I Like Turtles 14

Red Hot Cherry Poppers vs I Blue Myself

Lets just get this out of the way because I Blue Myself wins on team name alone… Blue will debut collegiate star Christian Pitts to the south Florida ultimate scene. He’s verifiably very good (I’ve filmed him before while working for Ultiworld). Down the roster blue is very evenly balanced with capable handlers and cutters to fill out every spot the roster. Red comes in as layout city. Literally every person on their roster is known for getting hortizontal: Catie, New Spazz, Anish, Schmiel, BMo, Shain, Edwin, etc… While Blue on paper will be the more balanced team, Red will challenge every throw and cut emphatically. When they have the disc, they will lean heavily on Tony, Elf and Rocco to manage the game. Blue’s women are peerless cutters who will also wreck havoc downfield. In a game of consistency vs reckless abandonment, I’m going to give the edge to Blue.

Prediction: I Blue Myself 15, Red Hot Cherry Poppers 13

Fall Playoffs

Mills Pond Park | South Side Multipurpose Fields (by fire station and RC park)
2201 Northwest 9th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

10:00 AM – Semi’s
Noon – Superlatives/Pizza’s Delivered
12:15 PM – Finals/3rd Place Game
2:15 PM – BUL Gift Exchange, Hang and Eat