Week 2 – Previews

Edited by: Megan Grande

Red Wedding vs. Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz

This will be another slugfest, as both teams are searching for their first win this season. Red Wedding will look to come off a painful universe point loss against Smirnoff Ice Dragons, while spirit captain Loony hopes to keep morale high after his team’s loss to Pumpkin Spice Life. On paper, this matchup seems pretty even. Travis/Langdon, Kumi/Gentry, Robbie/Mckelvey, Jaime/Alissa, Fioramonti/Strutz, and so on…The deciding factor in my opinion is that the Backstreet Boyz will still be missing Fat Jimi, who is in Iceland. Advantage Red.

Prediction: Red Wedding 15, Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz 14

Pumpkin Spice Life vs. Greytest Team Ever

PSL will look to continue their run against the Greytest Team Ever but will encounter some adversity with Grey’s captain and big, Elijah Grady, returning this week. He will no doubt be a tall order to cover, but his penchant for staying behind to handle will mitigate some of the downfield havoc he could cause. The pivotal matchup will be seeing two peerless cutters in Lari and Stacy going head-to-head.

Prediction: Greytest Team Ever 13, Pumpkin Spice Life 11

Aquaholics vs. Smirnoff Ice Dragons

This contest between the two undefeated teams will be the game of the week! Smirnoff Ice Dragons showed that they could dig deep for a comeback universe win against Red Wedding last week. They will need to avoid going in the hole against Aquaholics because that team is relentless. If anyone can slow Mischa down, it’s Jet, and the Florida alum will definitely have his hands full. The dragons will need to be incredibly smart with how they handle their matchups, as this Aquaholics team is deep.

Prediction: Aquaholics 15, Smirnoff Ice Dragons 13

Week 1 – Recap

Aquaholics 14, Greytest Team Ever 11

[Game Stats]

The first games of the BUL fall 2017 season kicked off under clear skies, with occasional gusts of wind and the blistering heat with which every South Florida player is grudgingly familiar. The Aquaholics took an early lead, but the Greytest gave chase, making big plays to stay hot on their hydrophilic heels. The Aquaholics threw many different looks on both O and D, while the Greytest took advantage of the fast break. It was a close half at 8-6, Aquaholics. Throughout the second half, Reeves continued to dominate as a handler, even against the Z. Frank threw some beautiful assists upwind. There was fast and smart cutting by Charlie, great defense and saves by Justin, and big Ds by both Stacy and Megan. In the end, the teams took it to hard cap, where Aquaholics won 14-11. Let’s hope this competitive, high-spirited game is an indication of what we can expect from the rest of the season.

Recap by: Megan Grande (with no help from Giulian)

Smirnoff Ice Dragons 13, Red Wedding 12

[Game Stats]

Hello and welcome to the BUL recap for the Ice Dragons (white) vs Red wedding (red). The Weddings entered Sunday’s game heavily favored but key absences and some upstart newcomers on white would serve to level the playing field.  The most notable absences included red’s workhorse Jeremy Langdon and white’s Alton Gaines.  With key pieces missing, no wind, and sauna temperatures, the game became an outright slugfest.  Being light on handlers the dragons tested out different handler sets being anchored by Jonnie and or Andrea.  A solid hands team up and down; white’s roster allowed them to try out several different looks in the back field involving Corey, BMo, Jet, and O’Connor for a multitude of different handler sets.  Wedding was anchored by Adam Stoller in the backfield while they experimented with repositioning McKelvey from cutter to handler to mid depending on how white tried to defend him.  The teams exchanged blows for 10 points with neither team gaining a break.  Finally red scored two breaks to take half thanks to McKelvey’s spectacular endzone grabs and his assist to Roosevelt who beat Jonnie on a jump disc in the endzone.  White went into the halftime shade licking it wounds, but would be reinvigorated by stellar defensive plays from Chris O’Connor whose clutch defense vs McKelvey inspired the dragons into two breaks of their own out of half.  At that point the teams went back to trading blows with Red Wedding holding the serve until universe.  The Ice Dragons broke for the win in dramatic fashion when the disc was swung to Jonnie who found Vikkie streaking breakside in the endzone to seal the victory.

Recap by: Corey Whittaker

Pumpkin Spice Life 15, Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz 10

[Game Stats]

The blame for losing this game is entirely due to having their team namesake being in Iceland currently. Pumpkin Spice Life had major contributions across the board. Christian “Loony” Luneburg when asked about facing Alex Hiley commented “Tony had some new girl that was very good”. Seems like a compliment from the 2 time spirit award winner. Being without their 2 top picks in Travis and Fioramonti proved too much for Green as they fell to PSL.

Week 1 – Previews

Edited by: Megan Grande

Greytest Team Ever vs. Aquaholics

The Aquaholics will be a tough team to beat all season long. The irony here is that this grey team is basically the same I Blue Myself team from last spring. That initial chemistry should help against a star-studded Aquaholics team. Even if hurricane/tropical storm Nate misses us, it should be plenty windy. Aquaholics is stacked with more than enough players apt to handle the wind, and while Grey is a fast-breaking deep-threat team, they might not be the Greytest team to handle this wind. Expect the disc to flow through Megan Reeves and Kobe, as they’re without question the two best handlers in the wind on this team. Their best chance defensively is to use that chemistry to throw a zone to hope to frustrate a disc-savvy blue team.

Prediction: Aquaholics 15, Greytest Team Ever 11

Red Wedding vs. Smirnoff Ice Dragons

If they’re there, Jeremy will just run it up the field with Mckelvey, and that’s pretty much unstoppable. You throw in defensive playmakers like Gentry, Shaun, and Strutz, and you can already hear the band playing the “Rains of Castamere.”

The Ice Dragons will need a group effort to slow down the Red Wedding. Alton, Jonnie, and Gonot but mainly Andrea will be called upon to tame the wind. I still don’t think there’s a team that can handle Jeremy and Mckelvey—wind or no wind.

Prediction: Red Wedding 13, Smirnoff Ice Dragons 10

Pumpkin Spice Life vs. Fat Jimi & the Backstreet Boyz

Boy band versus Girl Power? Zaxby’s vs Chick-fil-A? This is probably game of the week right here. With the heavy wind conditions, PSL will lean heavily on Tony, Carlito, and Sanders to move the disc. If they get stuck, you can bet Cawley’s already wound up to jack a hammer to Pitts downfield. While Fat Jimi will be in Iceland, the green team still has Travis, Kumi, Mike, and Robbie to power them down the field. I’ll go out on a limb here and pick PSL to take this game over Fat Jimi on universe based on the simple fact that Carlito is one of if not the best pure throwers in this league, especially in the wind.

Prediction: PSL 11, Fat Jimi 10

Team Names and this weekend’s weather

We now have team names! Website is updated.
I drove by wimberly to pay for fields and this is how they looked after a long downpour. Stevens also was still dry. We know wimberly drains very well, Stevens not so much. I will monitor the field situation saturday night. If Stevens is a no go, we will fit all 3 fields horizontally on wimberly (it can fit three 35×90 fields, i measured it).
I will monitor the weather closely and make announcements via FB, website and email saturday evening. Please be aware I will not force a game if the fields can’t handle it. There is no point in playing 1 sloppy game and ruining the fields for the entire season. Also we have people coming from palm beach and miami dade county, I do not want to have them waste a drive so I am very cautious in calling the game.
Lastly with weather being this crappy, while Dec 10th still won, who here would prefer Dec 17th for finals bc lets face it, south florida weather…

2017 Fall Draft Recap

Red Wedding

Draft Grade: A

Holy smokes batman! Langdon, Mckelvey, Strutz, paired with Gentry, Alissa and Darly. This team is lethal with their studs as they are with their role players in Nate and Stoller.

Sleepers: Yeah Vanessa is only here at the end of the season, but she was just at Worlds. Clearly Shaun was focused solely on playoffs.


Draft Grade: A

So lets just call a spade a spade. Mischa has never lost a league. And while “he’s just tall”, you throw in a supporting cast of Brad Tinney, Frank the Tank, 2x Megans, Rie, Rachel, the Smiths, and oy vey how did he draft so well?

Sleepers: Most don’t know who Brad Tinney is… they gonna learn what the former Med Men and current Swing State player can do. If not anything, he’s an observer so expect a shit ton of travel calls.


Draft Grade: B-

A post draft trade to grab Megan Reeves pulls this team out of a jam bc outside of Giulian, Gray neglected to draft pure handlers to run the disc through. They are flanked by an incredible corp or cutters but expect disc savvy players to be run ragged forced to play both ways.

Sleepers: Jason Warley is a journeyman with some high level international experience in the asian ultimate scene.


Draft Grade: A+

How does someone drafting 4th get this good of a team? The only weakness on this team is if someone brings a box of Zaxbys to the field. Travis, Kumi, Jaime, Mike, and Robbie are all players who just aren’t only good in their own right; they make their teammates better with unselfish play.

Sleepers: I’ll once again admit to facebook stalking but I’ve never shared a field with Maryellen, but from the looks of it the girl knows how to ball out.


Draft Grade: B

This is a team that is defensively focused but just not in the height department. If the the fall season proves to be windy, this team has more than enough handlers to slice and dice through the wind.

Sleepers: Through Facebook stalking I can’t be sure if this is a Dylan Baker who plays in the seattle youth scene, or the son of Miami longtime James Baker. Either way he should surprise people


Draft Grade: B-

This draft grade gets upgraded massively if Eric Lewis gets healthy. With Alton, BMo, Jonnie and a healthy Lewis, this team has the height to go toe to toe with anyone. They will be relying heavily on Andrea to run the offense and thats always the smart play. The biggest question mark will be who ends up supporting her in the backfield?

Sleepers: Chris O’Connor is a capable lanky hybrid who should see plenty of touches due to his versatility.

6 Teams

Today we expand to 6 teams for league. Registration was closed on Thursday. Captains are preparing to draft, teams posted late next week.

2017 Fall League

We’ve had 2 very successful seasons under our belt. The initial reaction is to grow this league and continue the momentum as we have several high level players returning to league with the AUDL season being over. I would love to see a 6 team league. It allows us to not play the same teams more than twice in a season.

Last year we were also able to play several games with a true mixed 4/3 gender ratio. While I know the male female ratio should be more even across the entire ROSTER than a line, I hope to continue to make similar strides.

With that being said, if you want 6 teams, we need to have a minimum 30 women register for league. If we can’t get there, I know there will be more men than we have space for with 4 teams. Spots for men in fall league will be decided on a criteria of previous season’s attendance, play ability, and spirit.

I know this is a closed group, and while i invited almost everyone, i’m sure i’ve left a few out by accident. So please, get more women and people in general to play league: http://browardultimate.timvo.org/index.php/register/